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Uncommon Scents is an aromatherapy documentary currently in production.

As interest in, enthusiasm for, and engagement with essential oils grows more widespread and mainstream, millions of people around the world use aromatherapy as a natural approach to health and wellness and a means to more natural living. While enthusiasts are well aware of the power of natural aromatics, much about aromatherapy’s origins and potential—and many of its details, applications, and challenges—remain largely unexplored.


Uncommon Scents explores the breadth and depth of what aromatherapy is, what it offers, who is using it, how it works, who it’s helping, and why it matters—it's an independent documentary informed by leaders in the field and grounded in defensible facts.


With Uncommon Scents, we endeavor to uncover the most meaningful truths about aromatherapy as revealed through intimate interviews with some of the experts responsible for aromatherapy’s development, growth, evolution, and success. We're shining a light on the profound ways essential oils and aromatics are being used around the world. The film is crafted to deepen dialogues, widen perspectives, challenge models, and empower fresh engagement with essential oils, hydrosols, and natural aromatics.

the film
The facts
The mission


It's time to stop oversimplifying dialogues about essential oils.

Aromatherapy encompasses everything from natural perfume to palliative care. It's embraced by moms seeking natural solutions for their households and clinicians securing physiological or psychological outcomes for their patients. Evidence-based research reveals compelling ways in which essential oils and aromatics may be able to offset pressing public health challenges, combat chronic concerns, and exceed typical allopathic outcomes.


We want our audience to realize what essential oils can do.

They have the power to heal--and the capacity to harm.

Uncommon Scents takes an inspired look at aromatherapy to illuminate the breadth and depth of how essential oils are leveraged. It challenges viewers to consider themselves stakeholders in the future of aromatherapy by sharing what aromatherapy is with thought-provoking insights into the challenges it faces.


The essential oil industry is expected to reach $13.94 billion by 2024.

In a 2015 article, the Washington Examiner reported that searches for the term "essential oils" tripled between 2013 and 2015. Millions of posts and thousands of groups on Facebook tout the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils; Pinterest pins offer DIY recipes for everything from face creams to toothpaste that include essential oils.

Essential oils are trendy.

As more and more consumers embrace essential oils, the essential oil industry and the aromatherapy community face enormous challenges. As demand for essential oils grows, the agricultural sources on which essential oils depend are more heavily taxed. Challenges surrounding fair trade and sustainability concerns impact the plants from which essential oils come, the communities on which they depend, and the individuals who look to aromatherapy for their enjoyment, wellness, and business.


Meanwhile, some opportunists provide adulterated or synthetic products to get in on the action.

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