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Executive producer , director, and writer Kristina Bauer has had a passion for nature since spending her earliest childhood summers on her grandmother’s farm in Denmark; there natural remedies from the garden often preempted store-bought solutions for wellness.


Kristina first began exploring essential oils in 1990 and incorporated study of aromatherapy, herbalism, and “mother earth chemistry” in her bachelor’s degree from the Johnston Center at the University of Redlands. After her 15-year career in marketing ended at a natural/organic consumer packaged goods company, Kristina put her attention to further expanding her studies and writing more formally about herbs, oils, food, gardening, folklore, and living a life inspired by and grounded in nature. She has over 2,000 hours of formal education in aromatherapy and herbalism combined and remains inspired to learn and explore more. She feels privileged to have studied and engaged with some of aromatherapy’s most eminent teachers and champions.


In 2014, Kristina moved her family and her business, Untamed Alchemy, to North Idaho to develop a sustainable, biodynamic homestead with her beloved and their animal family. She shares insights from her garden, herb nursery, blending studio, and kitchen on her blog,


Kristina's work has been published on the Tisserand Institute’s blog and in the International Journal of Holistic Professional Aromatherapy. Kristina is a licensed massage therapist, and a member of NAHA and AIA; she will return to work on her master’s degree at ACHS when filming for Uncommon Scents formally wraps.




Angela Jensen Ehmke, Certified Aromatherapist and Assistant Director in the Directors Guild of America, wishes to create an inspired, fact-based documentary film that brings the world’s most renowned aromatherapy experts together on screen to share their wealth of knowledge with the rest of the world.


Angela has over 15 years experience in film, television and radio.  She spent almost a decade in New York City working as an Assistant Director on Feature Films and Network Television.  She has been a member of the Directors Guild of America since 2005. 


Once her first child was born, Angela took a break from the film world. Her interest in natural living and her desire to produce aromatherapy blends for her family led to an interest in essential oils. In initially exploring aromatherapy on the internet, Angela was, like so many others, confused by what she found by way of conflicting information. Recipes, safety information, and best practices were heavily debated in various online forums; she decided to dig deeper than the information shared on Facebook and Pinterest to ensure that what she was blending for herself and her family would truly be safe and effective holistic compliments to their natural lifestyle.


To wit, Angela committed to a 200+ hour aromatherapy education grounded in best practices, becoming a certified aromatherapist. Since then, Angela has established her aromatherapy business, participated in an aromatherapy teacher training program, taught aromatherapy workshops, and pursued continuing aromatherapy education with notable industry educators. 


Angela holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema from Binghamton University and an Associates of Arts in Communication from Broome Community College. 


When not busy with her two young sons, Angela teaches aromatherapy classes and crafts blends for herself, friends, and family; she’s also been enjoying her first-ever raised garden.