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Budapest DROPS Conference Interview with Executive Producer & Writer Kristina Bauer



Uncommon Scents Gallery of Pictures and Videos on IndieGoGo


Robert Tisserand’s comments to Uncommon Scents about Frankincense and cancer


Sylla Sheppard-Hanger talks with Uncommon Scents about her experience using aromatherapy to support recovery crews at Ground Zero after September 11th in NYC


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Brief Video Interview by Robert Tisserand with Executive Producers of Uncommon Scents


Blog Post from Nyssa Hanger of Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy about Uncommon Scents


LifeHolistically (Leslie Moldenauer) Interview with Executive Producers Angie & Kristina


Aromahead (Andrea Butje) Interview with Executive Producers (and Aromahead grads) Angie & Kristina


Aromatic Wisdom Institute (Liz Fulcher) Podcast Interviews with Executive Producers Angie and Kristina

Episode 17

Episode 20


Marvy Moms (Emily Carpenter) Interview with Executive Producers Angie & Kristina


Alliance of International Aromatherapists Blog Post about Uncommon Scents


Kristina's Blog